2020/08/17 website under construction + other BIG changes

Our website is currently under construction. The layout will be modified and some other, BIG changes are coming , too! More soon. 🙂

2020/05/20 Cool paper on microbial functional gene diversity accepted to Microbiome!

A new paper, led by Félix Picazo (co-authored by Annika, among others), on functional gene diversity of microbes was just accepted to Microbiome. In the paper, functional genes of stream biofilm microbes were studied along elevational gradients in Norway, Spain and China. Climate was the best predictor of microbial functional gene diversity at mountain and continental scales. Clear, continental-scale variations in functional gene diversity were projected under future climate scenarios. Consequently, ecosystem processes and biogeochemical cycles in streams, which are closely tied to functional gene diversity,  are very vulnerable to the changing climate.

2020/01/12 New year and new things

The beginning of a new year is a good moment to reveal what I (Katri) have been doing during the past year.  This, and also the fact that my “probation” period has now ended.

If you remember, in the fall 2018 I got a research grant for two years to study the invasion of Pectinatella magnifica in Finland. However, other things happen in life when you least expect them. In April 2019 I started working on a new job as an environmental planner in the city Kangasala, Finland. And because of this, I had to put my Pectinatella- research on hold before I really even started it. My job description now is quite different from that of a researcher, but so far I have enjoyed this new experience. A new post from this coming soon 🙂

2019/10/13 – Annika’s paper on community assembly in subtropical streams was accepted to STOTEN

Annika’s paper on community assembly of subtropical stream bacteria and macroinvertebrates indicated some climate-related effects. This was done during her postdoc in China.

2019/10/5 – Mariana’s paper on facets and components of beta diversity in stream organisms accepted to Oecologia

A paper led by Mariana was accepted to Oecologia – congrats! Also Katri was involved in this nice piece of science.

2019/06/17 – A review by Katri, the other two investigators et al. accepted to FWB!

We just got some great news: a review where all the three of us are involved just got accepted to Freshwater Biology! The paper deals with contrasts and parallels between intermittently freezing and drying streams. This work was led by our dear Katri. Congrats!

2019/03/07 – Size of diatom species affects its occupancy and abundance across lakes and streams

A new paper on diatom traits and ecological preferences was just accepted for publication in Journal of Biogeography. We were able to see that size matters, also in the world of microbes!

2018/12/13 – Annika’s paper accepted to Ecological Indicators

Annika’s paper Niche position drives interspecific variation in occupancy and abundance in a highly-connected lake system got just accepted to Ecological Indicators.

2018/11/20 – Katri got a post doc grant!

Katri just found out today that she is one of the happy receivers of Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation grants. Her project titled “Methods to estimate and control the invasion of alien moss animal (Pectinatella magnifica) in Finland” will start in the beginning of year 2019. What a great year it will be!

2018/09/17 – Statement: Diatoms deserve more attention in aquatic ecology conferences

The September 2018 post in the Young ISDR’s Diatom of the Month Series states that diatoms could be more often represented in aquatic ecology conferences. We happily agree with this wish to see more presentations on these beautiful microscopic organisms!

2018/08/28 – Mariana’s paper accepted in JBI!

Mariana got a paper accepted in Journal of Biogeography!!! Congratulations to her. The paper is dealing with multiple facets of streams macroinvertebrate beta diversity. Stay tuned for more about this paper.

2018/08/27 – SIL2018 news!

Annika took part to the SIL2018 congress held in Nanjing, China. She had a talk on how ecological, biological and taxonomic characteristics of diatom and macroinvertebrate species affect their occupancy and abundance in a highly-connected aquatic system. Hopefully more info coming soon (once the paper gets published…)!

2018/07/20 – Annika visited the Diatom of the Month blog

Annika was invited to write a blog post for July 2018 for the Young ISDR’s Diatom of the Month Series. She introduced her recent paper where she and her colleagues saw that ecological uniqueness of diatom communities was related to different factors in stream and lake sites. They also saw that ecologically unique sites were not necessarily rich in species.

You can find the blog post here and the original research paper published in Diversity and Distributions here.