Mariana Perez Rocha

Freshwater Ecologist and a cat lover. Someday I want to become a ‘Data Scientist’. I don’t Tweet very often. When life challenges me? I am in. Currently looking for new opportunities

Searching for new projects and research opportunities. Nice to meet you: I’m Dr. Perez Rocha

Brazil is my home Country and Portuguese is my mother language. Where is home? I dunno. I believe that I have sort of became a ‘world citizen’. Currently trying to fit in this crazy world. Love all things spanning from Biography/Biodiversity to Freshwater Ecology. A bit inclined to like macroinverts (but I’m open to study all aquatic creatures!). I love to watch the same movie (or series) over and over (i.e. Star Wars, GOT, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, …very long list to be continued).

All my publications can be found at:

I do research and other (less) cool things, too!

Have a passion for turning datasets into meaningful and cool stuff

Daily and crazily searching for a job or postdoc position

I’m doing lot of translations and text reviews lately (Portuguese to English)

From struggling to loving: a big chunk of my time I spend training data analysis and programming (in R and recently in Python)

It might sound a bit weird, but I do love to review manuscripts

My Latest Experiences

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oklahoma
(2019 – 2020)
I had a quick time in Oklahoma, US, analyzing very nice datasets on algae, macroinverts, and fish. Manuscript is not done yet (not under my hands anymore), but I’m this will, eventually, be publish in a very nice journal. Also, I had very cool field work trips while in the US to establish sampling sites for a huge project which is still going on.

Associate Researcher, University of Oulu, Finland
(2018 – 2018)
During this period I was wrapping up my PhD dissertation, writing manuscripts, and trying to find hope after my PhD student life. The Geography Research Unit hired me as Associate Researcher to ‘lessen’ this burden. I had a pretty good time while seating there.

PhD program (University of Oulu and Finnish Environment Institute, Finland)
(2014 – 2018)
I had the coolest and the best of the whole world PhD advisor ever! Couldn’t be more grateful for the time I’ve spent in Oulu-Finland carrying out my PhD studies with the well-known best in the world community ecologist, freshwater ecologist, macroinvertebrate lover, and heavy metal number one fan: Jani Heino. I think after this PhD a a can call myself as Dr. Perez Rocha and tiny bit of a freshwater ecologist as well.